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Follow On: Artistry of the Recorder (Album)

by Michael Lining

Follow On 02:43
Serena 03:07


I first became enamored with the sound of the recorder when I heard a recording of Bach's Brandenberg Concerto No. 4. As a kid, I liked to pull random CD's from my Dad's shelf and give them a listen, and that day, Bach was what I picked. My first thought was, "Wow, that's pretty." Since then, I've always wanted to make the sound myself, but it was never something I actively pursued. It seemed to me that for some reason, the recorder was looked down upon as some sort of inferior instrument, perhaps because of its ease of playability, and because many children started to learn music on a recorder in elementary school, and then stopped to move on to "better" instruments. Whatever the case may be, this beautiful sounding instrument is hardly played at all. I purchased my first soprano recorder during the first semester of my sophmore year (20 years old), and began learning to play it. I immediately fell in love with the charming sound, and later purchased an alto recorder. I received a tenor recorder for Christmas, and immediately began exploring possibilites of recording with recorders. When I was young, I loved beautiful instrumental music that was both upbeat and soothingly soft. I created this album for the enjoyment and spiritual refreshment of the young people that I've come to love. I also want to instill in them a desire for a variety of good sound music.

Follow On and I'll be a Sunbeam for Jesus is fast and upbeat. I Surrender All, Amazing Grace, Come by the Hills, and Comfort Ye my People are soft and reflective. Jesus Loves Me, Trust and Obey, and Jesus is All the World to Me are simple and very singable hymn arrangements.

Serena is a young girl that developed a tumor in her brain at the age of four. She had brain surgery to remove the tumor, and she recovered. During the summer after her first surgery, I was priveleged to spend some time fellowshipping with her, and we became good friends. A few months later, the tumor grew back and she had to have a second operation. As I was praying for her during the day of her surgery, I asked God to cradle her head in His hands while the doctors did their dangerous work. The song on this album depicts God's healing hands upon Serena. She came through the second surgery fine and the tumor was removed. Praise God for his goodness!

I want to dedicate these songs to all of the kids that I've met through the Children's Church program at the Campus Church at Pensacola. Benjamin B., Daniel F., Joshua and Caleb P., Michael G., Rustun H., Caleb N., Amalia G., Karissa P., Kathryn S., Megan W., Carolyn and Kaylee S., Dorothy, and Morgan B. These are just to name a few.


released February 5, 2016


all rights reserved



Michael Lining Greenville, South Carolina

Christian Recording Artist that sings, arranges, and composes music that glorifies God.

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